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New dedicated server orders generally take 3 to 5 business days. However few times we can provide within 24hrs according to availability.

We offer both Linux and Windows operating systems. In Linux we offer operating system destros as Ubuntu, CentOS, Debian at no additional cost. All Windows Servers comes with additional monthly fees. In Windows we provide Windows Server 2008/2012 R2 Standard.

Minimum contract/commitment for all dedicated servers is one month. Billing will be carried on month-to-month contract based. If you want to cancel services, your server will be cancelled at the end of current billing period and you can continue using the server till that time.

Yearly contract is applicable only if our combo offers are taken. At that time, if you want to cancel contract just within three or six months of one year contract, your contract will be cancelled on last day of current contract and you can use the services till that time. However next invoice will not be generated, contract will be cancelled on the day of next invoice generation and full server will be formatted (we are not responsible for data loss, so please backup your data before cancellation) and added to our product list.

Any new dedicated server is installed with select operating system only. Login details for root access for linux using port 22 will be given to access through SSH and administration login details will be provided to access Windows server using RDP.

We provide WHM/cPanel, CWP Web Panel, VestaCP, Froxlor, ISPconfig, ZPanel, Kloxo, Plesk etc are provided by us. However few are chargable where we charge on monthly basis, few are open source or free where we charge only one time setup fees if you want us to install control panel for you.

We have a range of servers where we provide 100Mbps (megabit), 200Mbps (megabit) and 1Gbps (gigabit) connection. Connectivity will be monitored 24/7 and if we find any suspicious activity on your server, we will notify you by raising a ticket. If suspicious activities utilize more than 100% of bandwidth connection provided, we nullify IP for 30 minutes. We advice you to not go beyond 95% of bandwidth provided. We provide traffic for dedicated servers ranging from 10TB (terabyte) to 100TB (terabyte). Few of our servers are specified with unmetered traffic where you can utilize unlimited bandwidth connectivity but must not go beyond bandwidth speed (traffic beyond bandwidth connection speed is chargable). We only count outgoing bandwidth. Incoming bandwidth would not be counted against your monthly usage.

Our servers support an unlimited number of websites, parked domains and sub-domains, as long as you are within your allotted resources.

With root access you can potentially install any software on your server. If it requires a license you would be responsible for purchasing and applying the license.

Our servers, network are monitored 24/7 365 by our technical, administration and support team.

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