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A VPS or virtual private server used to host websites, applications, softwares, shopping websites, finantial applications, CRMs, ERPs, used as online data backup servers etc. In contrast to a web hosting plan, a VPS can isolate multiple applications within a single virtual machine that's dedicated to one customer. This virtual machine shares physical resources as RAM, CPU, HDD with other virtual machines except IP address, Bandwidth, Traffic, but a share of these resources is dedicated to it.

A VPS is the logical next step after a web hosting plan. A VPS gives you more freedom and root access, which gives you access to Apache, and PHP means you can change PHP variables, install an SSL certificate and any type of software. In short, a VPS gives you much more freedom, without the responsibility that comes with a physical dedicated server. On a shared web hosting, you don't control performance, so you rely on the performance provided by the shared web hosting. With a VPS, you need to choose a configuration that's suitable for your application now, and then adjust it to cater to your application's growth.

A dedicated server is for you if you want to have total control on complete server, build more complex architectures and solutions, configure more network components, deploy complex non-web-based solutions and/or have access to additional dedicated hardware components, e.g. a load balancer or firewall. Customers who need more complex and flexible infrastructures to handle an increasing number of visitors should start off with a VPS. They can then upgrade to an dedicated server.

Your VPS will be active and available within 24hrs after your payment has been validated as part of our policy after we receive payment from you.

You can host adult content on your VPS but only legal content is acceptable and website must complie with the rules of an adult website where access to minors is prohibited. Additionally AfelixWay informs the customer of their responsibility for their website content when they place order for VPS.

Every VPS comes with a dedicated public 1 IP address. However additional IPs can be added as per requirement but not compatible on all VPS plans.

No; but you can add a domain name or email service or SSL certificate by installing any web control panel like cPanel, CWP Web Panel etc. However, you can get all information about installation using our knowledgebase or you can take our Advanced Server Management services to get all requirements set by our team.

You can upgrade bandwidth speed and traffic of a VPS at any time and charges will be added from the date of additional services obtained to next billing date and processed later on monthly basis. Or you can take new VPS with your expected configuration and transfer your data (we would provide basic support through ticket support).

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